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Free Conference Calls
Are Never Really Free

“Free” conference calling services are based on toll numbers, not toll-free, so they are subject to long distance charges, taxes and other fees. Who pays those charges? Everyone on the call pays. Yes, even your customers during an important client meeting pay for the privilege of joining your call.

No Room For Growth With Free Conferencing Services

As your business expands, so do your communication needs. Most “free” conference call services are geared to very, very small businesses with minimal calling needs. If you need to reliably share slides, have multiple numbers or require call security, a trusted, well-established service provider will offer the best solutions.

With Free Conference Calls, Connection Isn’t Guaranteed

“Free” conference call providers rely on the infrastructure of others, so there is no guarantee that your call will actually be connected. Your conference information would be subject to outages, peak time and service availability.

Why Paid Is Better Than Free

There are some crucial factors to weigh before selecting “free,” especially with essential business communications. You want to be able to control the message and how it is delivered.
Free conference call providers don’t offer this capability.


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